bothodesign creates concept designs for future mobility and far beyond experiences.

Botho Design

Felix Botho Haas open for #automotivedesign opportunities for #future #mobility.
12+ years experience as a designer, concept artist and matte painter for VFX, commercials and games.

The journey of Felix Botho Haas becoming an automotive designer for future mobility. Stay tuned #cardesign #automotivedesign #scifi


2019 – now
Felix startet his next chapter in design with the personal brand bothodesign to break into the automotive design industry.

2006 – now
Felix Botho Haas studied Communication Design in Mannheim, Germany and is a creative Designer with 12+ years experience in the entertainment industry. After working for Deck13 (Frankfurt, Germany) MPC – Moving Picture Company (London, UK) and Pixomondo (Stuttgart, Germany) he is strong in creating character, creature, environment, props, vehicle and automotive designs, digitally and traditionally. With his skills he can also create illustrations for packaging, advertising, and storyboards. Whenever there’s the need he’s competent to conceptualize using 3D modeling tools like Maya and Blender and is able to texture complex models with Mari.

Working with colleagues Felix is known for to work efficiently, accurately, and under pressure. He’s an effective team player with an outgoing and friendly communication style.

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  • Photoshop
  • Maya
  • Blender
  • Nuke
  • Mari


Automotive Design
Props Design
Concept Art
Visual Development
Design Consulting
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